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Achieve: Trusting ME! -Your Happiness Placemat


Please, Allow me to start this post with a Huge Thank-You to each of you. In our last post I asked for a week extension before moving on with the delivery of your last OneGR8Life tool. Fortunately, for both of us, I believe everything is in order to reward the generosity and patience that you extended to me.
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So, where did we leave off...

Early in this blog feed we started with the Map to Obtainment, and to-date we have just about walked through each of the 6-steps; Rejuvenate, Uncover, Discover, Exchange, Affirm, Achieve. You have received the SYNC exercise, The Receivership questionnaire, The Discover and Exchange worksheets. You have been introduced to the roles of Inspiration and Motive, you even stumbled upon the Energy Flow of Transformation as you were given the opportunity to Dream, and to Create in Affirmation, your Deepest Desires.  In the Achievement series, it is all about tying all the pieces together… Pulling together the Dream, weaving together inspired action to Create, learning to Live in balance; to center the Universal energy which flows from within Your OneGR8Life. Only one tool remains; the OneGR8Life Happiness Placement...

In Stillness, I heard...

As we draw very near to the end of this series, the ‘Achievement’ series, in my mind, this makes each word of each of the remaining posts very important. So, in this last week I closed my eyes to create stillness, to listen for the voice of Universal direction, to feel the voice of Source, within me. What I heard was a very special cry for the joy experienced in those moments in life when we are able to ‘stay connected’. Indeed, finding the flow, maintaining your sense of ‘connected’, is an increasingly difficult thing to do in a distracting, technology driven era. So, Let’s take a quick look at what goes on in your ‘connected’ moments and then we'll see if we can find a way to maintain this connection, on the daily.


Connected happens at a deep, personal level. Connected is not the reactive result of any one external circumstance. Connected serves as the root base, to support the stem of destiny; this root base anchors the flower of Happiness. Connected Happiness is the resultant of vision in proactive harmony with life events. Maintaining connection, or staying connected as we commonly seek it, occurs when your vision allows you to see all the moving parts of your active life, and to orchestrate their Mental, Physical, Spiritual energy in the peaceful confidence of released character virtue.

Simple, correct?!?  Hold on... Did I hear you say, No.

Ok, then.  Let’s isolate the trouble spot… are you having trouble figuring out HOW you are going to gather and view the moving parts of your active life? Or, are you having trouble understanding HOW to orchestrate the Mental, Physical, Spiritual energy of the parts? Or, is it the whole character virtue, peaceful confidence, which baffles you?

Remain Resolved...

Fear Not, my friend. If you are beginning to feel some anxiety, the anxiety which commonly grows from the pursuit of the elusive connected feeling, you should be! All this talk of vision, and moving parts, and energy, and character virtue, just to create and maintain a ‘connected’ moment?  Yes! And now, after discovering all this, are you the least bit surprised why over 80% of all humans will never complete the Obtainment of their Highest Human Potential. Is it any surprise why this 80+% will get sucked into their comfort zone and never venture into the dream of creating their OneGR8Life. Certainly, you can see the attraction of parking your ass in the recliner and vegetating until someone comes to pry the remote from your stone cold fingers.

Avoiding Mediocrity…

Many can get through the Obtainment steps of Rejuvenation, Uncover and Discover. And, with a little help most can work through grasping the principles of Exchange and Affirmation. But, I have seen Doctors, Lawyers, CEO’s, Brilliant Entrepreneurs and other ‘Really’ smart people stall-out at the threshold of Achievement. Think about it… What is your real experience of Achieved Happiness - Is your Happiness interrupted as things you desire come and go? If you answered, Yes, or even if you could not formulate an answer, because you have never stopped to observe your Happiness relationship, that’s OK! Just hang on a few moments longer. Do not throw in the towel, DO NOT conceding to a life of mediocrity. Invest five minutes and let’s finish sorting things out.

First, true Happiness is deeper than any one thing you may desire. You may want to slow-down and reread this last sentence… “True Happiness is deeper than any one thing you may desire”  -- Oh, really… This is why ‘connected’ happiness is so eluding. You have been trained to think that the next job, or the next promotion, or the next product launch, or the next court case, or the next brain surgery, or the next 700 series BMW, or the next pair of Jimmy Chu’s will bring you connected Happiness. Realize, these things, as single items, are only capable of bring to you a single moment of temporary satisfaction. This is no way for you to live Your OneGR8Life; in the endless pursuit of temporary satisfaction. Oh, don’t get me wrong, these things, they feel good - but, they stand pale in comparison to maintaining your flow of connected Happiness.

Second, under the guidance of Universal intelligence, True Happiness, Authentic Happiness, is your birth-right. The thing is, You can feel Happy or, You can BE Happy. I AM here to tell you that you have the power to access and sustain deep, lasting happiness; to BE happy all the time. But you are going to need a tool for this; so that instead of pursuing Happiness from  the outside in, you can cultivate the magnificent Happiness that is already there… inside! If you can commit daily to maximizing the benefits inherent in the OneGR8Life Happiness Placemat, I guarantee that you will open-up the well spring that is waiting to flow. If, you can joyfully choose to go with that flow… then the Happiness within you will emerge, with ease and abundance. Are you willing to make this commitment for your sake? For the sake of your connected Happiness?

Third, New rules… Instead of feeling anxious about your desires, you are going to relax, in the certainty that Your deepest desires are leading you to the very best and greatest expression of yourself; Guiding you to the delivery of your Highest Human Potential. Providing both the Inspiration and Motive to Dream, to Create, to Live your OneGR8Life.

Fourth, There is this voice within that calls for release... This is the voice of your personal greatness. That's right, Greatness resides within each of us. In your OneGR8Life you are called upon to conduct the self-inquiry of HOW?!?

HOW?!? has lead you to this point in time, has lead you to the discovery of these words, to the realization of joy and abundance. You are exactly where you need to be! Now you are going to walk through the Six Obtainment steps. Your only responsibility is to make sure that you have all these steps covered; that you fill-in the blanks. Ready? Let's Go...

In REJUVENATION, You gather up the Dreams of Desires for your OneGR8Life…
  • You Woke One Morning and Received Your Call from Greatness. Your Answer to this Call Initiated a Response to a Universal Cry for Help, in the Form of a Notion, Idea or Thought.
  • For the sake of Improving the Human Condition, I want to BE, DO or HAVE: _______________________________________________

In UNCOVER, You gather up the Means to the delivery of your Ends...
  • Ends and Means are inseparable; You cannot not come to the ends of happiness, while using unhappy means.
  • You SYNC your Deepest Desire to a collection of 6 Character Virtues.
  • I AM: ________, ________, ________, ________, ________, ________.

In DISCOVER, You gather up Purpose; your source of Inspiration and Motive...
  • Inspiration: Your Deepest Desire / Your Divine Purpose; Your Destiny to BE, to DO or to HAVE.
  • Motive: Your ally of Courage, Determination, Persistence; Divine Assistance sufficient enough to overcome ALL future resistance.
  • I WILL (What & Why): ___________________________________

In EXCHANGE, You gather up Source energy to Create in Universal Equilibrium...
  • I AM a powerful creator, the transformation of my Divine Purpose into physical equivalence is simply an exchange of energy.
  • From WHAT I want comes, HOW can I Serve?
  • I AM willing to ‘give’ in order to ‘receive’: ________________ ___________________________________________________
In AFFIRM, You gather up the Intentions of Deepest Desire...
  • Divine Purpose found at the inner-connection of Mental, Physical and Spiritual energy.
  • Intention is Not an idle dream of, hoping for the best.
  • My Intention IS an unwaivering statement of future commitment:  
- I WILL Deliver This, or Something Better!

In ACHIEVE, You gather up Momentum to Live; to overcome the voices of Self-Limitation and Adversity…
  • Achievement Never lacks Adversity.
  • Adversity does not build Character, Adversity reveals Character.
  • Achieved Happiness is the Connected Flow of lifes moving parts.
  • Character Virtue and Affirmed Action create the matrix of Connected Happiness.
  • Here lies your resolve to overcome.
  • WHY NOT- ___________________________________________

Fifth, Let’s get quiet and open up to the flow of Happiness within, here is the OneGR8Life Happiness Placemat... (Link)

Guidelines to completion...
  1. The matrix of Affirmed Action and Character Virtue is open for you to Dream, To Create, to Live.
  2. Close your eyes, and envision the moving parts of your life… The activities of work, play, relationships, rest, solitude, family, friends, illness, joy, blessings, gratitude; the parts that fill your day.
  3. Now, separate just one moving part from all the rest, and create this part into an activity to BE, or to DO or to HAVE
  4. Ask yourself - which energy (Mental, Physical, Spiritual) must be exchanged in order to fulfill this activity of life.  
  5. Before you move-on to finding a place for this activity on your placemat, determine the Urgency of the activity...
  • Is this activity, First-Up, URGENT; need to address immediately or,
  • Is this activity, On-Deck, A Notion, Idea, Thought of connected happiness; I don’t want to forget this but, I don’t need to get to it immediately.
  1. Finally, Go to your matrix of uniquely selected Character Virtues, find the virtue which jumps off the page, this virtue is begging to become your ally in the transformation of this activity. In your moment of procrastination, uncertainty, adversity, you will call upon this ally to assist you. In Your OneGR8Life you are never alone, Inspiration and Motive fill your every action of connected thought.
  2. Now, you are ready to place the activity onto your placemat. With Vision, In Affirmed Energy, with Urgency in tune, by Virtue.

WOW, Did you feel that? You just created Connected Happiness;  “vision which allows you to see all the moving parts of your active life, and to orchestrate their Mental, Physical, Spiritual energy in the peaceful confidence of released character virtue."

All right then  -- Try it again; Start by isolating another moving part of your OneGR8Life... Seperate the parts -- Create your activity --

Your OneGR8Life Happiness Placemat is you, living your life. Don't feel overwhelmed to place a 'moving part' into each and every square. You need to have room in your life for spontaneity. In your past, spontaneity may have brought with it increased levels of anxiety. Not any more! With you utilizing your OneGR8Life Happiness Placemat, with you having captured the moving parts of your OneGR8Life, you are able to fall right back on track. Suddenly, Happiness appears in the form of enjoyment found in both your planned activities and your unplanned activities.

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The connecting link between focus and action, organized thoughts. The connecting link between Achievement and Connected Happiness… Gratitude!

MINDFUL MOMENTS (Take Away Thoughts…)

Happiness is an inner state, which I carry within me. By awaking my flow of happiness within, I begin to experience the ever accessible inner source of joy and fulfillment; releasing the need to reach outside myself for external cues of things that make me happy.  My inner happiness has wisdom built into it. This wisdom, capable of seeing all the moving parts of my active life, guides the flow of my everyday energy towards my desires to greater joy and spiritual fulfillment. Connected Happiness is my birth-right. In harmony, with Universal Intelligence and guided Source, I will come to Dream, to Create, to Live, my OneGR8Life.

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